About Us

Antebellum provides a way for the everyday person to mine crypto, without the need of buying expensive hardware, consuming high electricity, high cost in cooling, maintenance of hardware and sudden downtime.

We partner with mining companies around the world, offering capital to them in return for mining profits.

We have created an easy-to-use platform for anyone who wants to be involved in cryptocurrency mining without the baggage, enabling the user to reap the fantastic returns currently on offer.

Our forecasted APY returns changes weekly in accordance with many factors such as: Difficulty, Reward per block, Uptime and Pools.

Once you have deposited your capital, you will automatically be earning mining income, without needing to do anything else. Another source of passive income.

Users will be able to withdraw their Initial invested capital and mining income every month, with a small fee of 1% taken by Antebellum.

How it works


Create Account


Deposit capital via our payment gateway


Once payment is confirmed, you will see your capital on our analytics page


Analytics page will show your investment capital and current income earned.


Enjoy earning daily passive income.


Withdraw capital or returns end of the month if you like (1% fee will be taken)