Frequently Asked Questions

Refunds of deposits will be eligible until 14 days after the deposit has been executed. Refunds will be processed back to the same credit/debit card the deposit was initiated from.  

If refund is requested after 14 days this will be then processed as a withdrawal at the end of the month and will incur a 1% withdrawal fee.  

Refund deposits will not be eligible for mined income. Only capital deposited will be refunded. 

Withdrawals will be sent via Bank transfer to the account details entered in the settings page.
Withdrawals will take 3 - 5 days to be processed.
Withdrawals will be executed at the end of each month.

Card payments will be available for Deposits.

1% fee will be taken to cover conversion and transfer fees.
Fee will be applied to Capital Invested and Mining Income.

Now it’s only fiat currencies, but we will be introducing this in the future.

Mining Income is visible on the Analytics Dashboard.
Mining Income will be updated daily.

APY can increase or decrease according to many factors such as: Difficulty, Reward per block, Crypto Price, Uptime and Pools. Current APY is very healthy.

APY will change on a weekly basis.

Yes, both will be allowed.

Yes, we have a support page on the website and also in the account.

At the moment it will be BTC and ETH.

If any further are added, this will be notified to the users.